Brooklyn Deserves More.

Brooklyn Deserves More. WE DEMAND IT.

Our country and district is at a critical juncture. The House of Representatives has demonstrated the impact that committed new members can have. Not only do we need an active and energetic advocate of our progressive Democratic values, we must pursue bold and daring approaches to the vast inequality and injustice plaguing our society.

We can no longer stand idle. We must move forward.

We must demand more.


This is a people-powered campaign taking on the machine in the heart of Brooklyn.

We’re not taking a dime from corporate PACs or big real estate developers.



Adem Bunkeddeko is a lifelong public servant who is running for Congress to make a difference in a district that’s home to all of us.

More housing.

More justice.

More opportunity.

Meet Adem to talk one-on-one about what NY-9 needs most.

We endorse Mr. Bunkeddeko in the June primary....

Residents of Brownsville, Park Slope, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Flatbush, Sheepshead Bay and Crown Heights deserve a more energetic advocate in Washington.

If they vote for Mr. Bunkeddeko on June 26, they will get one.
— The Editorial Board, The NY Times, June 14, 2018

Housing is one of the bedrock issues that I believe the government has a responsibility to ensure alongside education, health care, infrastructure, national defense,” [Bunkeddeko] added. “Otherwise, society has failed.”

Our generation “is going to have to tackle some issues that, for a long time in our politics, we’ve tended to avoid,” he said. “Housing is one of those issues.
— The Nation, November 20, 2018

Structurally, we’ve often gone after folks who can put up the least fight. That tends to be lower income folks and folks of color, rather than the power structure that props up the entire bit. That’s why I think a big part of criminal justice reform is legalizing cannabis.

It’s not only an important step forward from a social and moral perspective, but economically and politically.
— - Interview w/ Tsion Lencho, Gossamer, 2018