Trump ends TPS status for Haitian refugees; Fighting for a pathway to citizenship

The current administration's morally bankrupt decision to end TPS for Haitians is devastating for the people of NYC and for people across America. 

I know first-hand the hope people seeking asylum and disaster relief bring to this country. My parents came to this country under political asylum from a war-torn nation.  They sacrificed and worked hard to make a brighter future for their American born children and managed to send all of us to college. Today, I couldn't be more proud of my family as I run for elected office. Thousands of families across our district have done the same, raising thriving members of our society that create prosperity for the country as a whole.

It is unconscionable to kick 60,000 Haitians out of the country after they've been welcomed to plant roots for their families here. Haiti is still facing economic and political difficulties and a raging cholera epidemic.

These people have set up lives here, some have had families here - American born children. We cannot tear these families apart. We cannot go back on promises that make America the land of opportunity. We need a pathway to citizenship for all refugees in the US.