Endorsement: Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club

From Apr. 2018

I'm honored to receive the endorsement of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club. It's fighters like President, Allen Roskoff, and members of this club that are turning the tide against Trump's bigotry and extremism, and I am proud to stand alongside them in this battle. It's not enough to say the right things if you do not deliver on your words; I pledge that as Congressmember, I will work every day to get real results stand up for equal rights for ALL residents throughout Brooklyn.

You can read the full statement by club President, Allen Roskoff, below:

"The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club is proud to endorse Adem Bunkeddeko for Congress. Adem strongly supports our club's values, believing that everyone has the right to achieve the American Dream no matter their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or economic status. With Donald Trump threatening all the progress we've made, we need proactive leaders like Adem fighting for social justice in Congress."