Improving Representation of Brooklyn's Immigrant Community

From Apr. 2018

Right now, Donald Trump is attacking immigrants, tearing families apart through heartless ICE raids, and taking away critical refugee status that many Caribbean families depend on. It's not enough to have a Congressmember who says she cares about the immigrant community if she doesn't actually do anything to fix these problems.

As your next Congressmember, I'll stand up to the bigotry of Donald Trump and Washington Republicans to deliver for  families with a four-point plan of action that will actually make a difference.

My four point plan:

Neighbor Status: Right now, many people living Caribbean countries can't visit a family member in Crown Heights without going through a lengthy visa process. That's ridiculous. Caribbean resident should have visa-free access to the US, faster visa processing, and better US Visa pre-clearance.

Refugee Protection: Donald Trump recently ended Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for citizens from Haiti who came here following their deadly earthquake, then insulted these families further by describing their country as "a sh*thole." I will demand the restoring of TPS protections for Haitians and others, as well as fight for a path to citizenship for all refugees and undocumented immigrants.

Free Immigration Clinics: Many families in our community are worried they'll be torn apart by Trump's sweeping ICE raids. If elected, I will hold free immigration law clinics to help residents anonymously get critical information about what they can do to reunify families and remain in our community.

Improved Community Services: My office will be a place where residents can access the services and support they need. I will have bilingual staff available, and I will hold constituent service events in every neighborhood to protect the rights and opportunities of residents.