Trump Administration Proposes NYCHA Funding Cuts

From Feb. 2018

The Trump Administration's proposed 2019 budget includes significant cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which will directly impact the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). 

New York City is barely maintaining an acceptable standard of living for the most vulnerable people in our community. Now, President Trump is proposing deeper cuts to those already living on the margins of society. When it comes to affordable housing, we are in full-blown crisis mode. Suitable housing is a human right, and we must do better than this.

NYCHA has been on the brink of collapse for years and Yvette Clarke's spokesperson recently said she's been 'an advocate on critical issues.' Affordable housing is one of the most important issues facing our community and New York City, and she has failed to deliver for the people who are getting pushed out of their neighborhoods with no place to go. We need a leader in Congress who will actually be an advocate for all of us. As your next Representative, I will not stand by as the Trump Administration attacks New Yorkers.