Representative Clarke is 'Too Busy' for a Debate

From May 2018

I invited Congresswoman Clarke to a series of debates across the district at her convenience - to which she declined citing her busy schedule.

The people of Brooklyn deserve a leader who cares enough to stand before them, hear their concerns, and offer their own vision for change. The Congresswoman's unwillingness to address the pressing issues of our time is shameful-but when you've spent over a decade in Congress with no legislation passed it is unsurprising she might want to hide her record from the voters.

Now is the time for bold and effective leadership in the face of Trump's extremism and failed local policy, our city has lost over 280,000 rent regulated apartments, our communities are being unfairly targeted by law enforcement, and our children are suffering in deeply unequal schools. The Congresswoman's refusal to stand before her own constituents and share her vision is deeply disappointing and sadly in line with her record.